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Luxury Rapeseed & Coconut Melts provided in a beautifully presented box with 4 cubes.


One of each of the Therapy Melts.


Each cube weighing around 11 grams. The melts have been tried and tested and can be used several times. Can be used in a tea light or electric burner.


We are fully CLP compliant. If you would like the CLP information before purchasing then please contact us.


There is nothing more theraputic and satifying with a clean home and the smell of fresh laundry.


Gorgeous cleaning and laundry scents to bring the freshness to your space. 


Fresh - Freshly laundered clothes swaying in the breeze. 

Top: Orange, Peach and Green Apple

Middle: Rose, Geranium and Green Notes

Base: Patchouli and Vanilla


Laundry - A perfect dupe of Fairy Soft fabric conditioner. This fragrance oil is specially formulated  with a comforting and familiar scent that evokes the freshness of clean laundry.

Top: White Lilly

Middle: Fresh Pine

Bottom: Sandal + Iris


Fresh Linen - Beautiful scent of fresh bedding with crisp white sheets. Creating the ultimate relaxing scent for a perfect night sleep. 

Top Grapefruit + Mandarin

Middle Honeysuckle + Lotus

Base Guaic Wood + Musks


Citrus Bliss - A strong citrus scent with hints of Lavender & Eucalyptus. 

Top:  Clean Zesty Lemon, Lime Eucalyptus green 
Middle: Tomato leaves, Lavender, and cumin
Base: Tonka, Vanilla, and Caramel 

Mixed - Cleaning Therapy Melts

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