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15 Things to Look Forward to this Autumn 2021

Autumn is the season of flannel shirts, beautiful colourful foliage, and crisp cool air perfect for harvesting apples out in the fields. The typical Autumn season lasts from September through November but depending on where you are it could be longer or shorter. There’s so much to do in Autumn that you really can’t do in any other season (well you could, but it wouldn’t be as fun). What is about Autumn that gives us that cozy, peaceful, and relaxing feeling?

Pumpkin Everything!

Autumn, or better known as “pumpkin everything” season, is the perfect time of the year to make time for those pumpkin cravings and activities. Of course, there’s the food side of pumpkin season. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ slice of pumpkin pie or a pumpkin latte?

However, Autumn is also the perfect time to go pumpkin picking! There are several kinds of pumpkin patches that you could attend. Some locations are less of a patch and more along the lines of an outdoor farmers market, others are traditional patches that you need to take a hay ride out to! It’s a great way to immerse yourself in nature for a bit and have some traditional Autumn fun!

Making apple cider

One of the most exciting things to look forward to in Autumn is making apple cider. Yes, we said making. None of that grocery store stuff (not that there’s really anything wrong with it but…homemade is always best!). Making apple cider is a fun past time that leaves you with something tasty to drink with your pumpkin donuts in the morning! Fortunately, making apple cider is surprisingly simple if you’re willing to put in the time. Let’s quickly break down the steps:

1. Place apples, spices, and brown sugar in a stock pot and completely cover with at least 2 inches of water.

2. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to a simmer.

3. Simmer covered for 2 hours.

4. Mash the apples with a potato masher

5. Place back on a low heat and simmer covered for an additional hour

6. Strain thoroughly and serve warm or chilled!

Going for walks in the Autumn air

One of the best things about Autumn is the crisp cool air that engulfs all of your senses. The way the breeze feels, the trees smell, even the way the scenery looks, it’s all mesmerizing in Autumn. It takes you in. Going for walks in Autumn is among the most exciting things to look forward to doing these upcoming months.


Autumn evenings are ideal for huddling around a bonfire with friends and family. There’s nothing quite as comforting as the warmth from a fire on a cool evening in October. The smell of the fire brings a sense of stillness to you while the comradery of your friends and family remind you that you are loved and cherished. Throw in some s’mores and you’ve got the perfect autumn evening!

Harvest festivals

Harvest festivals are by far the most exciting part of fall as this is the only time of year they come around! These festivals are more than just your average corndog and funnel cake fiasco. They are home to all the key pieces of Autumn including:

· Corn mazes

· Apple picking

· Pumpkin gathering

· Fall foods like caramel apples

Cozy candles

Candles add a bit of ambiance and comfort to a room and fall scents add something a little extra! There are candles for everyone, but the best fall scents (in my opinion) are the ones that remind me of Thanksgiving; pumpkin pie, apple orchard, fall leaves, and bonfire!

Perfect time to take baths

What’s better than a warm bath on an Autumn Day…a warm bath filled with bath salts, essential oils, and one of those cozy candles lit on the edge! With the crisp fall air upon us, baths can make you feel safe, relaxed, and at ease!

Corn mazes

Whether you’re 3 or 33, corn mazes are always a must-do in the fall! Getting lost in the rows of corn, wrapped in a sweater, holding a hot tea, just scream Autumn.

Soup season

Autumn is the ideal time to break out your favourite soup and chili recipes. You can stick with the basics and make some beef chili or chicken noodle soup or get a little creative and go with a creamy pumpkin or squash option!

Road trips

Road trips in Autumn hit differently than they do in any other season, especially if you live in an area with tons foliage and winding roads! The views are beautiful, and there’s nothing like the smell of the air as you drive around with the windows down.


Autumn is the perfect season for baking your favourite treats! Pumpkin pies, apple pies, cherry pies, cookies, apple Bundt bakes, they’ll make your home smell amazing and your taste buds ecstatic!

Barbequing and tailgating

Most people associate barbequing with the spring or summer, but Autumn shouldn’t get left out for this one! Barbequing and tailgating are the most fun in Autumn because it comes with cozy blankets, delicious food, apple cider, and often good company!

Pumpkin carving

Kids and adults love pumpkin carving season! It’s a fun activity to do to celebrate the season and it gives you a chance to be silly and creative in a unique way. Plus, it leaves you with some delicious pumpkin seeds to roast!


There are several kinds of hayrides that pop up during Autumn. There’s traditional ones that simply pull you through beautiful fields for a lovely view, but there are also themed hayrides that are great for kids and adults!

Making scarecrows

Scarecrows are fun to keep an eye out for in corn fields this Autumn, but why not try your hand at making your own? You don’ have to make life size ones! Make little doll sizes ones!

Autumn is the season of “cozy”. Between the cool air, beautiful foliage, sweet scents, and fun activities, there is no better time to embrace a season than Autumn. Go all out! Get that pumpkin latte (or make your own). Take those hayrides. Pick those apples and make those pies!


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